Monday, 7 September 2015

Vegan MoFo day 7 - make something inspired by a book/film

What's up MoFo'ers. One of my favourite films is Napoleon Dynamite, it cracks me up whenever I see it. There's lots of food in this film, the opening credits are mostly written on dishes of food (all of which are seen at some point in the film)
The main character, Napoleon, loves tots. Now I couldn't just do a plate of tots so I thought of another scene where tots took centre stage (geeks of this film will know about the inconsistency between shots of the number of tots on Pedro's plate).  In this scene, Pedro is picking at his school dinner of corn dogs, tater tots, green beans and this is what I made!

The scene goes something like this....

Napoleon - How long did it take you to grow that moustache?
Pedro - A couple of days. 
Napoleon - I wish I could grow one
Napoleons - Are you gonna eat your tots?
Pedro - No.
Napoleon - Can I have 'em?

My corn dog looks more like the English battered sausage you get from a fish and chip shop.
For the batter I used flour, water, polenta, vwg, paprika, garlic powder and oil, and the sausages were Linda Mac. I deep fat fried those mofos until my clothes, hair and entire kitchen stank of oil......and that is why I never make fried food!
It was worth it for the corn dogs though. Damn, those things are good. 


  1. Everything looks damned good and now I want something fried asap!

  2. I always to hear about tater tots and wondered why we didn't have them here in Australia. Turns out we do, but they're called potato gems. Ha!