Friday, 5 September 2014

If you like beer, cheese and bread you will love this!

I'm not joking. It has bags of flavour. Welsh rarebit isn't always made with beer but it isn't made with vegan cheese normally either so whatevs. If you're not a fan of beer or strong flavours this is probably one to skip but lovers of real ale I promise you this is worth the effort for what is essentially posh (vegan) cheese on toast.


25g plain white flour
25g vegan margarine (I used pure)
150ml vegan beer (I used victory ale by Bateman's)
150g melt-able vegan cheese (I used vegusto no-moo melty), grated
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp tamari or liquid aminos
freshly ground black pepper
Bread of your choice (I highly recommend sourdough bread)


Warm the butter up slowly in a pan, and sift in the flour once melted. Stir quickly to form a roux.
Add in the beer (room temperature) about 50ml at a time and stir continuously to form a sauce.
Add the grated vegan cheese, tamari, mustard and black pepper until all is mixed completely in to a smooth sauce. Turn the heat off.
Butter one side of the bread and pile the mixture on top of this side. Flash grill until the bread is a golden brown.
Nom away with the rest of the bottle of beer!

Note - Try not to use a beer that is too bitter as this will be reflected in the final result. The Bateman's ale I used was smooth and peppery with a malty finish, perfect for this dish. I'm not sure if all of their beers are vegan but the two that I've tried were marked as vegan-friendly.


  1. I like the idea of posh cheese on toast. I wish we have a vegusto type cheese available in the US.

  2. Wow, interesting! I'm going to grab some vegusto and try this!

  3. Love this post! Will definitely be trying this recipe :) As to whether the beer is vegan, can I refer you to the excellent resource Barnivore ( According to their database, Bateman's bottles are vegan-friendly but their cask beer is not.