Friday, 22 August 2014

Looking forward to my first VeganMoFo

So, I suppose I ought to make a first post to see how this thing looks.

I set this blog up mostly so I could take part in VeganMoFo . I'm new to blogging but after seeing many PPKers blogs I felt inspired to do one of my own.

I am not a chef  by any stretch, I'm a novice in the kitchen but hope to share some of my triumphs after years of not knowing how to cook! Becoming vegan meant I had to ditch the microwave meals and start making things myself and it's been pretty awesome so far. I've discovered so many new foods that I find myself chortling when people ask the inevitable "But what DO you eat?!".

Well, hopefully this blog will show you!

My theme for VeganMoFo is *drumroll* The food of Wales.
Kind of obvious being that I live in Wales but I am not Welsh so haven't grown up with cawl and Welsh cakes, so this will be a challenge for me. Also, seeing as most Welsh food is heavy on the meat and animal products, it will be interesting (I hope!) for me to come up with vegan alternatives for these carb-heavy comfort foods.

See you in September :)